On A Quest Cortes FINAL

JULY 6: Film Screening On A Visionary’s Life & His Mission ~ Salt Spring Island, BC

From a question to a quest: When an inquisitive journalist met an inspiring saint, he undertook a journey that would change his life forever. On a Quest follows the life of Swami Chinmayananda (born as P. Balakrishnan Menon) as a naughty child, rebellious youth, patriotic freedom fighter, inquisitive journalist, and an atheist who then transformed into a yearning seeker – and went on to become a Spiritual Master.

With stunning visuals and an inspiring soundtrack, On a Quest will introduce you to the dynamic saint, compassionate teacher and visionary leader that was Swami Chinmayanada.

Lead With Your Heart’s Wisdom:

Have you ever become defensive, reactive or shut down in the face of a conflict or major challenge leaving you unable to access the innate, powerful wisdom that’s readily available in your heart? is the answer to this all too common dilemma. You can receive potent, heart-based, peer-reviewed solutions from their moderated online forum for your toughest issues.

Summer-long healing arts tour stops on Salt Spring Island, BC for one week!

Tiziana Stupia is currently on tour in the USA promoting her book, “Meeting Shiva: Falling & Rising in Love in the Indian Himalayas,” while also offering very unique Ayurvedic and Vedic workshops. Stupia is a writer, yoga teacher, Ayurvedic consultant, Vedic fire ceremonies practitioner, and traveller. She publishes widely on the topics of spirituality, travel,

WANING Moon Circle ~ Seeing in the Dark ~ December 14

The winter is a time of darkness and traditionally a time of active receptivity and divination. In this month’s shamanic circle, bring an intention for which you are seeking clarity. Angela will be passing on the teachings of the Still Warrior, and we will work with divination and journeying to practice seeing in the dark. Please

Shamanic HEALING Circle ~ November 16

The Autumn time carries the energies of sorting and winnowing the roses from the thorns. In this month’s shamanic circle, you will have an opportunity to receive a clearing of heavy energy, and be led on a journey to meet with your Spiritual Teacher to receive wisdom and guidance about your next steps for transformation

~ NEW Moon Circle: Awakening Ancestral Wisdom ~ October 26

In many cultures, the ancestors are considered potent teachers because they have completed their walk through and around the spiral, facing death and rebirth. Some of these ancestors then choose to stand behind us, awaiting our signal so they can share their love and wisdom, and support us in dreaming and living our gifts.

~ Soul Retrieval Healing Circle Series ~ Starts October 16!

Four Thursday Evenings: Oct. 16, 23, 30 & Nov. 6 ~ 6:30pm – 9:15pm Soul Retrieval is a powerful and ancient healing ceremony used almost universally across cultures. When we go through a sudden or chronic trauma experience, it’s not uncommon for part of the soul to leave as a way to cope. We are

Full Moon Ceremony: Harvesting Abundance ~ October 8

Weaving the Medicine Teachings from Ancient Ireland & Peru In an Evening of Gratitude with Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta & Angela Prider Celebration is a powerful medicine, which brings harmony, and teaches us to pause, acknowledge completion, and harvest the treasure of sacred knowledge.  In our evening of wisdom teachings and ceremony, you will have an opportunity

~ Power Animals For You & Your Baby – A Shamanic Pregnancy Event ~

This workshop will provide you with some powerful shamanic tools that you can utilize throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond. Stepping through the gates of birth is a powerful Rite of Passage requiring lots of support, protection, and wisdom for both Mama and Baby. Power Animals are amazing guardian spirits who volunteer to protect our